Free Sewing Pattern – Patch Skirt

21.05.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin


I drafted this pattern after receiving some denim jeans that were deemed ‘unsaleable’ from my local charity shop. I was making some upcycle sews and donating to the charity shop as part of ‘Fashion Revolution Week 2018’, and made up some of these skirts. The pattern can be made up from one or more pairs of jeans and is a mid-high waist mini skirt. You can also follow the sewing instructions and adapt a skirt pattern of your own. It is a great way to use up old denims, and make a fun skirt. The pattern is printed on A4 5mm squared paper, and is size M (38inch/96.5cm hip) – This pattern is hand drawn and traced from my own block. I have also included simple size/grading instructions to alter the fit. If edges of the paper do not print, the edges can be finished by hand as some printers may not be able to print with 5mm only margins. This pattern does not have seam allowance included (so it would fit better on the a4 page) please remember to include this and also a longer hem if desired Happy Sewing

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