Free Project – Oh My Sheep

23.05.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin


I wanted to make a quick (bulky weight) but cute baby blanket with sheep but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted! So what to do, but make up my own pattern. This is a FREE pattern because I did not take the time to write out all the steps in full! It is more of an outline and my personal notes and charts of what I did, NOT suited for a beginner! Enjoy and happy knitting! SoRo Bella has mad a couple amazing videos while using the combined fair isle/intarsia technique on her Dots for Days pillow pattern. Check out the videos below for extra help! Baby pic is copyright to (It was inspired by the worsted “Sheep Blankie” pattern by Jean Adel. I however, did not buy or look at that pattern at all. So what you see in this download, is all from my head, hands and heart.)


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