Free project – Eternal Spring Handembroidery Needlepainting

09.04.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin


This is a special one! This 114 page pattern, seperated into 4 different PDF’s, will guide you step by step and help you create this beautiful needlepainting design of a skull, flowers and butterfly. It may look intimidating, but over 350 photo’s show every single step in detail, with written instructions for every step. It starts quite easy, refreshing the basics of needlepainting and helping you practice those basics, and it gradually adds more techniques and complexity as you go. It’s a beautiful and very special project, aimed to help you improve your needlepainting skills-and have a great time doing it! The pattern consists of four PDF’s. The first one shows you which materials and threads you’ll need, gives the pattern and shows in detail with photo’s how to prepare your fabric, and also how to finish your embroidery when you’re done, to give it the presentation it deserves. The next three PDF’s show you how to embroider the design. The different design elements can also be stitched separately of course! In total you have 114 pages of instructions to help you create this, that’s basically a small book! 😉 I’m very happy with how this pattern came out and I hope it will help you create something beautiful!

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