Free Project – Sleeping Deer Hand Embroidery Pattern

06.04.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin


This beautiful hand embroidery pattern shows a sleeping young deer amidst flowers and leaves, it would make a beautiful piece on your wall, or as a center piece on a pillow, or a tote bag, a dress..anything your imagination can think of! The finished embroidery is about 12 by 13 cm, but of course you can make it larger or smaller depending on your own ideas. It’s a beautiful, delicate project and would make an amazing, thoughtful gift for anyone..including yourself 😉 The embroidery is beginner friendly as it only has three stitches; split stitch, satin stitch and straight stitch, all of which are explained in detailed stitch guides. The PDF takes you through every step of the way and includes: -Materials list, including fabric suggestions and thread list -The pattern, ready to print -Stitch guide, where each stitch is explained in detail with photo’s of every step -Instructions on how to properly prepare your fabric for embroidery-useful for any project! -Step by step instructions with photo’s following every step. -Instructions on how to finish the embroidery neatly, so you can give it the presentation it deserves! I pride myself on the level of detail in my patterns, I love embroidery and want to share the beauty of this technique, and teach people it’s not as hard or time consuming as they might think! To complete this hand embroidery, you will need: -Fabric, there are suggestions for fabrics in the instructions. -Embroidery hoop -Threads; you will need 11 colours of DMC cotton stranded threads -Needles and scissors would be useful too 😉 Good luck with stitching this beautiful design, and if you have any questions or want to show me your results, please send me a message! 😀

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