Free Sewing Pattern – DIY Ironing Board Cover

10.07.2017   /   byFree Designs Admin


Customize your sewing room with this DIY ironing board cover tutorial. Before I learned to sew, I really did not like to iron or press. I bought a little table top ironing board and would pull it out on a rare occasion to press a garment. However, now that I have learned to sew, it’s my constant companion – making an appearance at least once during most sewing projects. While the compact size is actually perfect for my little sewing space, the ironing board was in desperate need of a new cover … so I made one!


  • Fabric – the length and width of your board plus 4 to 5 inches around each edge.
  • Elastic – ⅜ inch is recommended and used in this tutorial but you can adjust to make any size work. You will need sufficient to go all the way around your ironing board.
  • Thread

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