Free Project – Book folding Pattern: HEART

22.05.2017   /   byFree Designs Admin


The art of book folding combines the love of books with the love of paper crafting. The 3-dimensional sculpture that is created depends on the pattern that is chosen and the type of fold that is used. This pattern allows buyers to fold a HEART into a book (like the image). Instructions are included on: Understanding the parts of a book Calculating the Start-point of a book Preparing your Template Following the Pattern and Folding the Pages The template and pattern sheet are laid out for you to print off and use each time you wish to fold a book with this design. BASIC SKILLS NECESSARY Download a pdf pattern Print document and cut off paper ruler Accurately align paper ruler on each page to fold Follow instructions to know where to fold the pages If you would prefer to watch how this is done in a video class here is a free link: SIZING / FINISHED MEASUREMENTS The finished folded design height is 98mm which will sit centrally in your chosen hardback book


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hardbacked book with at least 106 pages

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