Free Sewing Pattern – Cheetah Bag

26.12.2016   /   byFree Designs Admin



The reusable Safeway bags were annoying, with their floppy handles which were too long. The bags were too big and inevitably became too heavy when filled. I wanted a smaller grocery bag with firm handles and much shorter ones that wouldn’t let the load drag anywhere near the ground when carrying it, important for a short person like myself. I call this the cheetah bag because that was the print on the first one I made. This is my first try at creating my own pattern. It’s not yet illustrated, but the steps are very simple. I barely knew how to construct a bag when I designed this, so it’s not at all complicated. Finished size: Width = 10″ Depth = 6″ Height = 9″ Handles = 12 x 1.25″ This is about half the size of a typical grocery bag. Even if it’s full of canned goods, liquids like wine bottles or soda cans, it will never be too heavy to lift. You’ll want to make two to replace every one grocery bag you now use, since they’re smallish.

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