Free Sewing Pattern – Transformable Easy Cardigan

08.01.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin

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Dressing in layers with an easy cardigan was what was on people’s mind the day I took the survey on our Facebook chat group. With almost 22,000 members, it’s sometimes hard to find a consensus, but this time, I happened to agree with what the group seemed to be saying. There are a lot of things to like about cardigans. It can be a very functional garment and suitable for many situations. It’s also very nice to wear when just hanging around the house. Wearing a cardigan to protect the lining of a coat is one of the best money saving tips on dry cleaning bills. Based on the feedback, I decided to design a pattern for a short, easy but transformable cardigan. I decided to call it Kalinda. This transformable easy cardigan can be worn medium-long or tied up short. The collar/lapel becomes a hoodie for an even more informal, yet exceedingly practical look. The sleeves are long with elegant thumb notches to keep the sleeves all the way to your wrists, or the sleeves can push up. This is an original design of mine and I think it covers a lot of ground which is why I say it is transformable. Please free to explore with different fabrics, it is truly an easy cardigan to make and wear.


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