Free Tutorial – How to WireWrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

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Beach glass, or sea glass, is one of the prettiest pieces of garbage you’ll ever see. I am lucky to live on Cape Breton Island in the Atlantic Ocean and I’m able to collect my own beach glass. If you aren’t so lucky, you can buy them on Ebay. This technique also works for any flat, irregular object. Beach glass works well because its surface is naturally rough – shiny objects are pretty but very slippery, and therefore much more difficult to control when you’re first starting out with wire-wrapping! This is my first tutorial & it’s super duper long, because I had trouble taking out any steps. If it’s any help, I shot a video, too! I thought it would help explain the photos by watching me create something start to finish. Also, it was hard to get the photos while also working with both hands. So you get both! Link in the PDF. This is a full-length tutorial, but I’m putting this up for free so you can see my teaching style! If you’re interested in more, especially the swirls.¬†BASIC SKILLS NECESSARY You should already know how to hold a pair of pliers… I’ll show you the rest! Hey I have a Craftsy Class! Organic Wire-Wrapped Pendants.


  • 2 feet of round artistic wire, about 20 or 22 gauge
  • beach glass
  • flush cutters

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