Free Sewing Pattern – Recycle Cargo Pants to a Messenger Bag

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Pattern Description:

When I did make this I was totally in love in a recycle sewing projects and this is actually a tutorial in two parts. One part cargo pants I did use for a messenger bag and other for a toddler skirt. So I was able to save a bad pair of pants in give them a new life.

I also like to share my ideas in a Craftsy space not just on my Bludor Magazine. Why other people like this tutorial? Are you kidding, who don’t like to recycle and who don’t like to save some money and is there any person who doesn(tm)t like to have a new bag on the horizon? It is just the perfect project, even for a beginner sewer. Also somewhere in the world is one person who did make a wonderful cargo pockets and I just love to kept a good work. You don(tm)t have a cargo pants for throwing them away? You could use pants from other materials and styles too. Why not? Just have fun and recycle and clean our closet. Enjoy in this tutorial and be green.


  • one pair of cargo pants for recycle
  • the same amount of other fabric for lining

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