Free Sewing Pattern – Fringed Table Runner

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We are going to make a fringed table runner for your holiday table in under an hour. Hard to believe? Not really! Did I mention it’s reversible? The use of burlap or hessian allows us to make the fringe and the quilting cotton (a gift from a friend) a super simple and elegant way. Burlap has a special place in my heart. The smell brings back memories of sacks of produce collected at my grandfather’s orchard –potatoes, oranges, lemons, sour apples and my favorite, the smell of roasted coffee. When I was a child my grandpa used to keep us busy and took us to the orchard to “work”. He would allow us to collect the wild strawberries that grew, as we would call it today, “organically”. Like many kids, it was “One strawberry for the container and two for me” until I couldn’t eat any more. Then, we would move into collecting the red juicy fruit of the coffee plant taking care not to remove the stalk of the fruit and not to get pricked by the caterpillars that could be found sometimes under the leaves. My cousins and I would work until our arms got tired from trying to reach the higher branches of the Arabica coffee plants. After loosing interest, we would put our buckets down and play hide and seek for hours among the the orchard trees, eating, running and hiding. The wall of burlap sacks filled with roasted coffee was always my prefered place to hide. The smell and look of burlap today transports me back to those days when we ran young and free. For this tutorial, you will need two yards of burlap. This is enough to make a table runner and six place mats.


  • Burlap fabric
  • Lame lace bias tape
  • Quilting cotton

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