Free Sewing Pattern – Bucket Bag Pattern

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This bucket bag pattern is the ideal project for those of you who would like to experiment with different materials.  A couple of weeks ago I showed you a round bag made with cord.  This time I am using upholstery fabric which is a very short pile velour to see how hard it is to work with to make bags.  I think it came out pretty well! The bucket bag can be carried as a cross body, or as a pail (which means by hand).  Bear in mind, the definition of bucket applies here and if you want to carry the bag on one shoulder, then perhaps you need to make the straps a little longer. This type of bag is not new at all.  It first came to fashion in the 1900’s, from a pouch with a string and a hardened bottom.  However, this bag style is still largely accredited to Coach, who first launched a collection of bucket bags in 1963.  These bags became popular because of the easy-going nature of the bag.  You can just throw things in and go. By 1967 all the major accessory houses had versions of the bucket bag. As you make it, just keep in mind, that as I predicted when I was designing the bag, the combination of velour and the lining made it a little difficult to sew.  Using lots of clips (many) or pins (even more) is highly recommended.  The dimensions of the bag are 15 inches wide and 11 inches tall.  There are seven pockets inside.  We will finish the last pocket in the second and final part of this tutorial next week.


  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • Bias Tape

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