Free Sewing Pattern – Adorable Owls

October 27, 2016   /   byFree Designs Admin  / Categories :  Free Printables, Free Project, Free Sewing Patterns

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These owls are one of my favorite projects ever! Have you ever sewn something that makes you so excited that you just want to sew another and another? Well that happened to me with these owls! I experimented, putting rice, beans, or wheat in the bottom of each one to give them a nice heavy feel. Now they can be used for a pincushion, doorstop, bookend, and much more… The finished owls will be AROUND 1/2 the height of the pattern pieces. My basic pattern piece is a little bit less than 10” tall (so it will fit on a regular sheet of paper). I sewed the three owls above with the basic pattern and you see that they are all different, between 4-6” tall. The height will depend on how much of the top you fold down to make the beak, and how much you stuff it. The pattern pieces also indicate where to cut to make a pincushion sized owl.

Fabric and notions: 2 different fabrics (scraps for pincushion size, fat quarters for the basic size) black and white felt for the eyes 2 buttons needle and strong thread for hand sewing (optional, but highly recommended) polyester fiberfill for stuffing the owl rice, wheat, beans, or plastic pellets to give it some weight (place in a zip lock bag) hot glue gun with hot glue

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