Free Project – The Blue River Cross Stitch

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Welcome to my collection of fine art cross stitch designs that I call the Master’s Series. These are all done by some of the greatest artists of their time and generously offered to the public domain under CC0 use. Not every piece of fine art is found with this copyright but it gives me great pleasure to see a lot are. The best part is you can own a piece of art history without being a millionaire and have the satisfaction of creating it on your own. These are not for a beginning stitcher. Even an intermediate stitcher may find these challenging as these are very large in size with quite a lot of color. However, if you are a well-seasoned intermediate or advanced stitcher, the end result will be a piece you and your family can enjoy for generations. This is a digital download cross stitch pattern only. The full title of the original piece is: The Blue River by Auguste Renoir. The first image is the stitched preview created by the program. The second image is the original. This is 300 x 215 stitches or 16.6″ x 11.9″ using 18 count fabric of your choice. There are 149 colors. You can size this larger by using a 14 or 16 count fabric or smaller by using a 22 count fabric. Unless otherwise stated, charts are designed using 2 strands of thread, full stitches only, and no backstitching. I design using DMC threads and am now including the newest colors for 2017. A few notes about my patterns you really should know: 1. Images used are either my own property or are covered by CC0 copyright. I claim no copyright to any image used to create a chart unless that image is my own property which will be stated. My copyright does covers the finished chart. These are tedious & time consuming to create & I offer them here at very reasonable prices, so please respect my copyright. 2. For this series, I allow my program to work with up to 200 DMC colors. A wide color range offers closer-to-image results. Not all patterns will use the limit I set. 3. I will be happy to customize your chart. There is no additional fee. Be aware that your choices could affect the outcome of the image. Once customized, I will make a listing just for you. If you purchase the pattern, you are saying that you are in agreement that the look of the preview satisfies your needs. 4. Your downloadable pattern will include a color image & title cover sheet, multi-page black & white symbol chart, page map & floss legend with estimated usage. I offer my charts using only 55 stitches across per page which allows the chart to be easily read by most stitchers. It downloads in a .pdf format and you will need ADOBE reader. If you do not have ADOBE, the company offers a free download on their site. 5. Check your Craftsy order history after purchase to get the .pdf. 6. I have on a very rare occasion missed a stitch on the grid & didn’t catch it. If you find an error, please, kindly let me know. I will correct the error and send you an updated copy of the pattern. I will also offer you another pattern of your choice free of charge for your time and trouble. 7. Be sure you understand what you are purchasing as there are no refunds for any reason. I am happy to help. I’d rather answer questions before than to have an unhappy client after. Thanks for taking the time to check out my inventory and reading the complete listing!


  • 18 count aida
  • dmc floss
  • embroidery hoop

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