Free Project – Pinecone Lodge Cable Knit Paper Christmas Ornament

November 14, 2016   /   byFree Designs Admin  / Categories :  Free Printables, Free Project


Trace the round ornament onto the back of the cabled sweater print cardstock, making a circle. Cut out circle.
Use hot glue to adhere a cardstock circle to the front of the paper maché ornament. Let dry.
To create the braided trim, cut three 14″ pieces of yarn and braid them together. Knot each end to keep the braid in place. Working in small sections, apply hot glue to the sides of the round ornament and press the yarn braid into the glue to adhere. Tie the excess yarn ends together. Trim the ends or, if desired, tie the ends together to create a loop and hang the ornament from a branch of your tree.
Repeat for as many ornaments s desired.
Project Note: This project is featured on the Pine Cone Lodge Christmas Tree. Click Here for materials and instructions, or inspiration, for this tree.

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