Free Project – How to make a door draft stopper

November 17, 2016   /   byFree Designs Admin  / Categories :  Free Printables, Free Project, Free Sewing Patterns



It’s starting to get cold in our house and if you have an old house like ours, door draft stoppers can make a big difference on your heating bill. A few months ago I was on the hunt for a good tutorial to make some of these draft stoppers and couldn’t find any online that were shaped like a cylinder. I prefer the cylinder shape to the plain rectangle ones because I think they work better. They also look neater on the bottom of the doors. These are very quick and easy to make. It is the perfect functional and decorative project to make for your home this winter season. Hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make a door draft stopper. This project ended up costing me about $3 to make. That cost includes the filler (cat litter) and the fabric. Can’t beat that!

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