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This knitting pattern contains instructions to make an authentic SCRABBLE pin cushion for every letter of the alphabet which makes it a perfect personalized gift. You can make just one letter for the beginning of someone’s name or a whole word. If you have no use for a pin cushion, you could add a loop of wool to the top of the cushion and use it as an adorable Christmas tree decoration! I have included pictures to explain how to sew the pin cushion and I have also included detailed instructions on how to read the patterns. To make this cushion you will need some yellow and green double knit wool and suitably sized knitting needles (I have explained in the pattern what effect larger and smaller needles has on the finished pin cushion. I hope you like this quick and easy pattern and would be delighted if you would put pictures of your completed pin cushions in the review section at the bottom of this page for me to see!

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