Free Project – Carnival Pendant Wire Wrap Jewelry

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At certain angles, the pendants made in this style remind me of the tilt’a’whirl my friends and I used to ride at the fair every year when I was a kid. At other angles, for some strange reason, I just want to tie dye them. They make me remember all those times when I would burst out laughing for no reason at all, and keep laughing and laughing and laughing. For me, they evoke a feeling of sheltered innocence. The kind of freedom you feel as a child running through the county fair, looking for the next “thrill” to ride, or twirling round and round in circles until you become so dizzy you fall, laughing with glee. So far I have not been able to duplicate, exactly, any of the designs I have made in this style. For that reason, please do not think of this tutorial as directions that are set in stone. They are really more of a set of techniques combined in a certain way to achieve a certain type of look. These pendants can end up elegant and graceful, fun and spirited, modern and industrial, or anything in between! *Note: For this lesson I am using round wire for the frame wires. This is because of the weaving. It is easier to bundle square wire, however, I have never done any type of weaving over square wire and am not sure how well it would work. Also, if you are not able to get half round wire in your area, you can use 22g round wire that has been hammered to slightly flatten it. Just be sure to hammer it as evenly as possible all the way down the full length of the wire. You will need the Basic Weaving Techniques tutorial as a reference for this lesson. You can find it on my web site (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the free tutorials). BASIC SKILLS NECESSARY Weaving with wire Basic border wrap for a cabochon


  • 20 gauge (.8mm) round dead soft wire
  • 25mm round cabochon
  • 28 gauge (.03mm) round dead soft wire

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