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Free sheet printable Fabricated Frames frame pin ornament pattern This printable sheet is a walking advertisement for my business, Fabricated Frames, at I design, make, and sell washable, sewn or no sew, fabric, and now paper card stock: photo frames fashion jewelry lapel pin brooch button badge ornaments and this convertible frame pin ornament – a frame for a 2×3″ photo, that converts to a brooch pin badge, that then converts to a hanging ornament! The easel strut leg and metal brooch pin back are removable / interchangeable! I also design, make, and sell house shape kitchen pot holder oven mitts, which can also be used as hanging storage pockets or pouches, plus Yorkshire terrier & pug size male dog diaper wrap belly bands / bellybands / dogbands All of the patterns, sewing patterns, no sew patterns, both washable, and paper card stock paper crafts, with or without my art and photos formatted to print onto paper card stock or washable, colorfast inkjet printer fabric sheets, all 8 1/2″ x 11″ or A4 size sheets, even Cricut printable vinyl sheets. Recently, I decided that I was going to make my business cards as tabletop or wall hanging photo frames, with metal brooch pins, and as hanging ornaments, to demostrate what my products can do, with text, links to buy, and descriptions all over the panels, so that way, they would act as walking billboards for my business. A tabletop photo frame pin ornament business card! And now, I’ve decided to offer it to you, to make, as mock sample, also to serve as a trial run or preliminary craft frame pin ornament. That way, if you can make this frame pin ornament, then you can make any of my frames, washable, sewn or no sew, fabric covered mat board or cardboard parts, or paper frames. Below are the instructions and more info about the frame pin ornament. There is a one sheet printable to download, to print, cut out the 6 panels, and assmemble. one sheet printable make convertible, photo frame pin ornament place card party favors with 6 panels With this sheet, you can make a convertible, photo frame pin ornament for the new 2×3 inch photos that are printed from the new cameras by Instax or Polaroid, and the new smartphone photo printer devices by Prynt and HP Sprocket! That means that this tabletop or wall hanging picture frame converts to a brooch fashion jewelry lapel pin button or name badge / frame pin, and also converts to a hanging ornament, for a Christmas tree, or any holiday, a frame tree, an ornament tree, embellish a gift, use as a door or drawer knob hanger. This frame is also great for quick, printable party favors or place card frames for wedding receptions, showers, events, dinner parties, & more! The frame is tabletop and can display as wall art. You can make and insert a 2×3″ piece of card stock, like a business card, for favors or place cards, with a message, a poem, a piece of art, a photo, an invitation to a party, a greeting card message, a name and or date, a person’s name and table number, anything! Just make sure that the copy, the words are centered 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, as the outer edges, the outer 1/4″ of all 4 edges, will be covered by the frame front panels. This is a one sheet 8 1/2″ x 11″ size printable download, all 6 panel parts fit on this one sheet. You get 2 pdf files, one was done in Photoshop, and the other is a pdf made in MS Word. So, in case you can’t open the one, you have the other. The Photoshop pdf file, the larger size file, is for Acrobat Reader 5 format and up. With this structure design that I invented / created, for making this photo frame, it is a great starter frame for a beginner crafter, and if you can make this frame, you can make my other frames, in the other 7 sizes of frames that I have, because their structures are set up the same way. My ebook / digital pdf zip file download of all 8 photo frame sizes, made in 4 ways, washable, sewn, no sew, & nonwashable fabric covered mat board or cardboard, 32 patterns, are available under papercraft, and needlework, avaiable at under papercraft or paper > patterns or at under sewing > patterns, both $5, 261 pages . If you want just the “no sew” or “no sewing required, but still washable, fabric and/or paper photo frames, 8 sizes, patterns download, go to at $3.50. I formatted the art to fit into each panel, with coordinating guideline and circle hole colors, especially for the front panel, most importantly. I also wanted the easel back and strut leg, the back of the frame, to look as good as the front of the frame, in case you happen to place it on say a sofa table behind a table, where both sides of the frame are on display. Supplies per frame pin ornament: one sheet 8 1/2″ x 11″ size of paper card stock, washable inkjet fabric, or printable vinyl for fabric – piece of acid free, iron on, paper back, fabric adhesive interfacing / fusible web called Ultrahold 8 1/2″ x 11″ size up to 3 lengths of ribbon – 1/8″ x 2 feet, 3/8″ to 1″ wide by 9″ long, 3/8″ wide by 1 foot long, slightly lighter than the background color in the art or the panel color one 35mm or 1 1/4″ metal brooch pin back 3-4 hot glue sticks and low temp glue gun acid free clear sheet protector page paper trimmer optional: straight pins clear lamination sheet, iron on clear vinyl A4 size, to coat the paper, to make it easy to wipe 1-2 rolls of thread the color of the background color in the design, something that recedes visually, if sewing for interchangeable parts: hook & loop 1 yard or meter, sew on type Velcro The frame pin ornament is really easy to make, here are the steps: Just print the sheet onto A4 size paper card stock, washable colorfast inkjet printer fabric, or printable Cricut vinyl sheets IF you are using fabric, back the fabric with an interfacing called Ultrahold, by Therm o Web HeatnBond, found at Barnyarns, Hobbycraft,, fabric or quilt shops, anywhere where they sell sewing notions, interfacing, fusible web, in America, its sold at Michaels, AC Moore, Joann Fabrics, Walmart, and quilt shops or art supply stores. Ultrahold is acid free, photo safe, great for framing photos. Its in a red and white packaging sleeve, sold by the yard or meter, or 4.6 meter / 5 yard roll. One 5 yard or 4.6 meter roll will yield 32 frame pin ornaments or 32 A4 size sheets to make 32 frame pin ornaments. Cut all 6 panels out Cut all outer corners and into inner corners, making sure that you leave the outer flap / seam allowances, if you will, if you want to sew them, you can, and those seam allowances / flaps will be folded under and hot glued down Hole punch the circles with a hole puncher, or if you are using fabric, use a pointy, small, embroidery like pair of scissors, to poke & cut out the circle holes – it takes about 1/2 hour to cut out all the holes Thread 1/8 inch or 3mm wide ribbon that is 2 feet or 2 meters long, through the 7 holes, in a u shape or 3 sided guideline, on panels 2 & 3, joining panels 2 & 3, making the inside photo pocket, that holds the photo and its protective sleeve, an acid free, clear sheet protector page, cut to the size of the photo – one sheet protector yields 10 photo sleeves for 2×3” photos. They come 50 to 100 pages per pack, just make sure that the package of sheet protectors is labeled “acid free”, found in stationery or office supply stores, art stores, in scrapbooking sections. In America, they are found in Walgreens, Walmart, & Target, also Michaels & AC Moore. Thread one direction through 7 holes,and then back the other direction through the holes, and knot the 2 tails on both sides, hot glue the tails to the panel. Use a straight pin or safety pin to guide the ribbon through the holes. You can hot glue hook & loop within the white boxes on the panels. It is on panels 2 & 3 at the top, for a photo pocket closure, and hook & loop connects the 2 strut leg panels to the easel back, if you want a removable strut leg. If not, you can hot glue the top part of the strut legs, and then, hot glue the ribbon tail at the bottom right corner, between the 2 layers of strut leg panels, and then pull the tail out in front of the frame, with the frame standing on a table or shelf, and determine where the frame bottom edge sits on the ribbon, and that’s where you want the ribbon tail end to stop and get tucked into the layers of easel back or panel 4 and panel 3, at the bottom right corner, so leave a space to tuck the ribbon tail inside and hot glue. Use a straight pin or safety pin to mark where the frame sits on the ribbon, while standing upright. Assemble your panels with hot glue: panels 2 & 3 are together, hot glue panel 1 or the front of the frame, on top. You can hot glue the easel back to the back, and then hor glue or hook & loop the top of the 2 strut legs, joined already, to the easel back. And its great because I designed and formatted the art to line up. Then add the ribbon at the bottom of the 2 strut leg panels, tucked inside between the 2 layers / panels, and then pull the remaining ribbon tail out and under the frame, where the bottom of the frame “sits” on the ribbon, so you can determine where it stops, pin where it meets up, snip away enough to leave 1″ or more, and tuck the remaining ribbon tail inside the bottom right corner, between the easel back panel 4 and panel 3, use hot glue. If you want the strut leg panels to be completely removable, you can use hook & loop at the top of the strut leg joined panels, where the white box is located, and also on the bottom right corner box. On the ribbon tail, figure / determine where the frame sits on the ribbon, pulled out in front and under it, and on the tail that was trimmed, trim enough to leave 2 lengths of hook & loop, using the white box on the easel back panel as a gauge, and leave 2 lengths of hook & loop, fold in twice, and place / adhere hook & loop so that it lays vertically up and onto the easel back corner. The frame pin ornament is made for the strut leg and metal brooch pin back to be removable / interchangeagle. There are 2 vertical holes for holding the 1 1/4 inch / 35mm long metal brooch pin back in place, and 2 holes for hanging at the top and left centered, for hanging the frame, or hang as an ornament, on the easel back panel / panel 4 and panel 3, that align. If you want to use the frame as an ornament, cut a length of ribbon 3/8″ or 9mm wide by 1 foot or 1/3 meter long, and thread through the hole on the easel back, to hang it. If making the frame pin ornament washable, remove anything removable, place in a lingerie bag, place in washer on delicate, cold cycle, no fabric softener, use mild detergent like Woolite or WoolWash from the dollar store. Air dry standing on a towel, or hang using a pant hanger to air dry.

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