Free Sewing Pattern – Christmas Apron Pattern with Lights!

27.06.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin


I thought this time I’d share with you a Christmas apron pattern. This is an easy project with lights too! I’m sure it will put a smile on the faces of your holiday dinner guests. I live in Singapore where Christmas decorations go up right after Holloween. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the all the excitement. Huge Christmas trees go up everywhere and the main shopping street becomes a big Christmas bazaar. I like to take a walk in the afternoon with a cup of tea from my favorite tea house. I have to admit I do very little shopping, but I go there once a week to watch what people are wearing and buying, it’s great for project ideas! However, this year we’ll be having a quiet family Christmas in the country. We will be in the small country town of Dungog, in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Since we do not have a Christmas tree in the house I will use this project to actually become the tree. Literally. The apron has ruffles at the bottom. You can learn how to gather fabric and make ruffles properly by reviewing this tutorial. There’s a crisscross on the back so it does not hurt your neck. Two grommets to tie the apron at the back. One large patch pockets divided in three, this is optional. And the last detail will be a patchwork


  • • 2 yards of quilting cotton of your taste
  • • 1 yard of light fusible interfacing
  • • Thread to match

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