Free Project – How to make no sew piping

03.09.2018   /   byFree Designs Admin

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In this tutorial we explain how to make no-sew piping. Adding piping to your bags also adds a certain – je ne sais quoi. For a lot of people sewing with piping is somthing they have on their wishlist but are affraid to tackle. You can buy premade piping or you can make your own. But with both of this, you still will see the stitches when your sewing is not ideal. Aafke explains the no sew piping technique. Even if your final work is not ideal, you will not see it, since there will be no stitches to see! If you’re new to piping, or struggle with it, this tutorial will help you create some beautiful piping with little fuss.


  • Steamfast Travel Steam Iron
  • Clover Fusible Bias Tape Web 10mm
  • Clover 5 in 1 Sliding Seam Gauge

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